Meet Kathy

Hello, I am Kathy Ambrosat owner and operator of Feel Beautiful Beginnings Reiki, (Universal Life Energy) Animal Reiki, Psychic/Evidential Medium, Tarot Card Reader and Crystal Healer. As part of my calling as a lightworker, I began with trying to battle my own chronic dis-ease back in 2009. I had many autoimmune disorders growing up but learning how to battle through them at a young age, it just became the norm. After experiencing an automobile accident in 2009 and struggling with getting to the bottom of my many symptoms, I found a Reiki Master. She started treatments with me and my life was forever changed. Its at that point I had a vision to seek out training myself as a Reiki practitioner so I could help those using my Usui System of Natural Healing. I am certified as a Third-degree ART Advanced Practitioner. I have attained knowledge, initiated in the Reiki method of natural healing. I am proficient in administering advanced practice and hands-on treatments both one on one and remotely. I use ancient techniques to clear energy that no longer serves you in order to reclaim balance and clarity of the mind, body and spirit. As an intuitive Reiki practitioner, I learned to listen to that voice within. I began following my intuition especially when I am doing distance Reiki work. (Which means it can be given from one person to another remotely as well)

I have incorporated looking at the Chakra system. The word Chakra meaning (wheel or circle) and it offers to the individual circular spinning wheels of energy located throughout the body. A complete network of energy channels much like the spiritual nervous system. There are 7 main Chakras found running alongside the spine which are also the biggest Chakras. Working with your Chakras and balancing them can help in many ways from curing ailments, to improving your emotional states or even unblocking limitations to financial success along with energy healing.

Step into my world and let me share with you some alternative therapies along with receiving loving messages from Spirit, Angels and your loved ones.