What an extraordinarily amazing gifted Reiki healer. I literally came to see her because I was mentally and physically exhausted and in a rut .I did not really quite know how to get out of. All I can say is I left feeling like an entirely new person , physically and mentally. I felt very relaxed and with the comfort of knowing I made the right decision going to see her. Since then my life has changed drastically and I owe it all to her. Definitely a thumbs up!

Mark The Midwest Medium

Kathy provides a caring and honest approach to her mediumship by providing clear communication from spirit loved ones that involves describing the spirit loved one(s) in unique ways as well current events and circumstances regarding the individual she is reading.

Therese Z.

Kathy’s intuition is right on! Her insight has even helped me with what’s going on with my ill dog 🙂 . She is spot on and the evidence is always there! She even came up with the red cream soda I always drank as a child when visiting my grandparents as evidence. She has given me much consolation by assuring me through her intuitive messages that my son is always with me and sending me messages through her. Kathy’s abilities just blow me away! Because I’m in another state, Kathy’s readings with me are always done via pictures, PM, Zoom and even though texting. Mind blowing and never ceases to amaze me!! I will always look to her for clarification and her ability with Mediumship.

Jacob A.

For the past three years I have been dealing with chronic shoulder pain. I suffered an injury in hockey where I tore my labrum and dislocated my shoulder. I have been through months of physical therapy. The therapy always helped for mobility, but the pain would never completely subside. However, I got in touch with Kathy Ambrosat who is a reiki expert. Quite frankly, I was skeptical about reiki due to the unfamiliarity of the entire process. Relentlessly, Kathy assured me that she would be able to alleviate some, if not all of the pain that I am dealing with on a daily basis. It is inevitable that I am going to deal with some pain every day because of the severity of my injury. Kathy was amazing and she helped me feel better every week. She has a very charismatic attitude with a charming personality. It was not just a session with a professional, it was a friendship being groomed from day one. I still keep in touch with Kathy all of the time. She deserves the best with her business because she helped me immensely!

Josh R

My name is Josh and I am 29 years old. For most of my adult life I have struggled greatly with back pain. My pain ranges from the top of my shoulders throughout my entire back and into my lower hip area. Much of this has to do with one of my legs being significantly longer then my other. This has resulted in my lower back taking a lot of that weight and pressure that it really shouldn’t have to support. The first time I went to Kathy I was a bit skeptical in what she could do for me. I have been to Chiropractors, I have had cupping and acupuncture done and it helps to an extent. After a few days the pain returns and I am back at square one. Within the first five minutes with Kathy I was able to feel the pain slowly go away. I got to the point that I was falling asleep as she was performing the Reiki. After my first session with Kathy I had movement in my back and shoulders that I have not been able to feel in years. Really I can’t remember the last time my back felt this good. Kathy has a special gift and I will continue going to her as long as my pain is there. I highly recommend giving Kathy a shot if you are interested in the help. She makes the time with her very special and I appreciate it more then she knows.

Anita S.

Kathy is truly amazing! She has a direct connection to the spiritual world that is a real gift. Her loving heart shines bright during your reading. She delivers the messages from your loved ones with kindness and compassion that can’t be compared. Her talent is so strong, it transcends states. While she was in Arizona, and I was in Illinois, she was able to connect with my departed family and give me the closure I needed. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with Kathy again!